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The Astronomy Society just wrote to me askig for images for their Almanac, andd I wrote back and sure use this one the one above here.

JUNE 2014.
In response to why i didnt press charges with the POLICE.

'I hear you bro, but the law is a peculiar thing, and we need evidence. Compliant with the rules of evidence. No witnesses were prepared to speak... in my favour, funny how no one could recall anything useful, and there is no observable damage to my eye. so I would have risked many months or years of anxiety and tension, fighting court battles, with almost no chance of success.

I did pursue all the usual paths, OSh, POLICE, MEDIA, Social networks even, (They reported my posts and had them blocked).

The senior guys that I had just supported and defended, right up to high court level, closed ranks, chose to believe what they heard from the guy, and told me basically it didn't happen. even though I have the photograph, and live with the aggravated eye that started that night at that time. . I was in a very delicate and transformational state at the time, and I chose to focus on me, I think it was the right decision.

Cutting off nearly all astronomers and most of the astronomy activity actually felt great, a relief.

After many years of wondering why most astronomers wouldn't help me with street astronomy, and events, and feeling bad about I, I simply chose to do it alone, with the ONE astronomer who did help, and that was much easier.
And not having to think about astronomy and astronomers was a wonderfully liberating experience. I had dreamed and visioned and planned extensively for some pretty big and spectacular shows, with them, and I simply binned the whole thing.
None of them could be bothered to even read my detailed project plans, and so I found myself carrying an unfair share of the load running events, and mass incompetence and ignorance, low quality of behaviour and technical work, and it was just too frustrating, over many years.

Walking away like the dozens perhaps hundreds of others, was the best choice. I have endless stories of such bs to relate, if anyone wants to know why astronomy clubs are dying a slow death, I have the answers. I did years of research on them, and they didn't like it at all. Observational psychology bro. speak and write stuff, study the responses. I documented the whole journey, about 10 years.

Bee aware that I have a huge astro global network that I can compare local/national behaviours to.

Their behaviour is fairly typical of the personality 'types'; denial, ridicule, exclusion, anger, withdrawal. Very few of them are 'self-aware' to the degree necessary to actually achieve very much, and nothing new was permitted by the 'group/s'. Astro Art / music / culture/ edutainment/ was seen as a threat to the 'science' and the 'way it always was'. I was denied my acknowledgement of significant national and global achievements by nearly all of them, their societies, their national body was shameless in their denial of what I achieved for astronomy aotearoa.

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM attended our 24 HOUR music and astro-visual art installation in Auckland, STARS, and yet we got a TV doco made of us. There is no excuse.

They failed to include our globally award winning events in their national report for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY, IYA2009, I won a gold medal personally, and one of our groups won a group gold medal. 2 of 28 global medals, from UNESCO and the IAU. and NIL discussion in our home country. so yeah plenty of room for bitterness.

Easy to give up and walk away after such depth and breadth of insult and injury. NEVER AGAIN!!!

They had their opportunity for years to ramp up astronomy and society membership and they blew it bro. And they don't appear to give a damn.'

Paul Moss June 2014.