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Sharing Space Astronomy

Astronomy for Wellington, New Zealand, and the World
inspired by the light and dark of the southern sky

a website by paul moss - august 2007



Solar Eclipse photos from Don McDonald:

Don McDonald - Wellingtonian
Skywatcher, Commentator, Head Twister.
Have your brain teased at his google group here: Don McDonald

" please feel free to post a link to my web album.
on astronomy net......... news.sincerely,
bcc tom bra htg nzm, iv, kenn. view slide show.
Don S. McDonald ...view my profile/ + more (2400)
articles. [click]"

Self Profile:


special knowledge.  Lotto 6/40+ Keno 20/80 odds, myprogs SeriCalc4S, B.M.I.

Interests.  No gamble, yahoo groups (MCDOnewt), google groups ( nz.general), closeup video 'Picky McDonald Tvnz', avoid mistakes, talk on teleph.+ radio, visit sick, healing, photog.

Self profile.
Whole life in NZ (1948-), Christian, value 4 money, Magnolia club Crossways, take Commun to Alexandra home, discuss Astronom.l Pkt Diary-Annivs, RSNZ scfc mtgs, SmartNewtown.

Don Archimedes, Area of compass O on sphere, ideas_poster_13, ff, A = PI CXC, my birthdate (base
27.)  Drop your hat + shoes; release knife + fork from R-L hands.  Horiz-vert NEUTRAL tidal force problem.
NEWTON-Einstein- Don Gravity. Apple PEAR, sq lift compartment.  EL = mc^2, NESW (base 100.) 510 * LOG 7.  Don Logo- STOP yacht, Ruler + Compass.
Hobby card..

Ladies + Gents raise your eyebrows~!  Don's eyebrows are Hyperbolic Anti-gravity.  exponentially mathematical, accelerating increasing rapidly./ Don's eyebrows are Catenary, saucer shaped Upwards! Most
people- your eyebrows may be Parabolic, curving
downwards- the curve of a thrown ball ^~?

last updated  23///.10.2007.
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 Any opinions about this!
A bit different. Even unique unique me!

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helen tom bra.


Don S. McDonald ...view my profile/ +more(2025) articles. [click]

T.   +64 (4) 389-6820.   call ID/minder,  page 305.
Flat 63/3 Hutchison Rd, Wellington 6021 v/ New Zealand.

E.     (l.c., make do Newtown, save..)
HapPY ..since 27.2.04, 12.10.07, milky tea astronomer.
[my email-link is updated- paragraph@..] hobby card:




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