IN LOVING MEMORY. MOSS, Marilyn Elizabeth (Buddy, Mara). B. 28-4-1941. Died 22 February 2017 peacefully at home surrounded by family. Beloved mother of Mary, William (deceased), Ian, Margaret, Denver, Donald, Hoani, Kelly, and Elina. Grandma of Selena, Daniel, Lisa, Michaela, Wills, Gemma, Ryan, Bobby-Sue, Mary, Niamh, Phoenix, Angel, Brian. Great Grandma of Keziah, Jakob, Annabel, and Elliot. Service to be held at Seventh Day Adventist Church, 58 Palmerston Street, Hamilton, on Friday 24th February at 2.30pm, followed by burial at 4 pm, at Hamilton Park Cemetery, 395 Morrinsville Road (SH26) Newstead. Marilyn requests donations to Hospice Waikato in lieu of flowers, or home grown flowers from your garden. Marilyn will be at home, 634a Marychurch Road, Matangi, prior to burial. For further funeral details see www.moss.org.nz Our sincere thanks to all the family and friends who have visited mum over the last six months; you were all a great blessing and comfort to her. She had a strong faith, and was confident of the resurrection when Jesus returns (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). " ... I have loved you with an everlasting love ..." Jeremiah 31:3 family website http://www.moss.org.nz 

kia ora whanau!

My name is Paul Moss

I honour the life of our sister and family hero Marilyn Moss, who I have loved and respected all my life.

Goodbye Marilyn, and thank you, for being you. You are our role model for unconditional love, peaceful living styles, modesty and humility, protection for minority groups; especially women and children, and all of those excellent attributes that humanity could certainly do with right now, to end famine and wars, and save our planet from our destruction. We will miss you terribly, however we will continue your way of being, both in your honour, and because it is the only sensible way to be. Personally, I will continue to consult you in my head, and revisit some of the consultation sessions that we recorded, on all matters of importance, especially those of my family, and most particularly those issues around women and children in my life. We are blessed with your presence in our lives.

We love you.


I referred to my sister as a family hero, and I know that Marilyn both comes from, and has delivered, a line of family heroes. My sister Marilyn and my mother Bessie Moss are our role models for peace and love, qualities that I see in so many of our family members. I also note that both our father and our Mother’s father were known conscientious objectors to war, and many of us are opposed to violence and war, and are willing to stand against those behaviours. Charles Croall Senior was prosecuted in 1918 for such a stand, and he won the case. This past year has been a huge journey for Marilyn and I, as we researched and shared our family history, and I will summarise the period leading up to our childhood here:

We can trace one thread of our ancestry back to Richard Inche, living in Cornwall almost 700 years ago in 1370, and from Richard we can trace our line through a series of Nicholas 1540, Nicholas 1560, Philip Phillipus 1585, Nicholas 1609, William 1670, Hambly 1698, Richard 1740, Richard 1775, to Paul Inch 1803.

Paul and Tabitha Inch arrived in New Zealand in 1841, at New Plymouth, where Paul was a military settler, wounded while fighting at the first battle of Taranaki at Waireka in 1860.

Our ancestral path can then be traced through Paul and Tabitha’s daughter Louisa, who married William Baldwin, and their son Thomas who married our 2nd great grand-mother Ellen Catherine Wilson, and their daughter, our grandmother Alice Baldwin. The Wilson family arrived in New Zealand as settlers to Wellington in 1840.

Ellen’s mother was Margaret Annie Lumsden who married Allan Walter Wilson, the son of James George Wilson and Mary Love, from Scotland. Two other sons, Major John Wilson and Captain James Wilson, figured prominently in the British army and the New Zealand Wars. The other threads of our immigrant family ancestry trace our grandfather Charles Croall from Scotland in 1910, and our Grandmother Josephine Gertrude Moss and Father Vincent Moss from London in 1927. Charles Croall married our grandmother Alice Baldwin and their daughter became our Mother Bessie Moss.

Back in October 2015 My sisters Marilyn and Helen, and myself, sat down and conceived a family get together, a GOLD reunion, an event to share the future results of our research and a bonding event for all of us.. and while we postponed the event at Marilyn’s request, we had set a tentative date for the February 2017..

The results of our research are available to you all on our website and social media group, you can go to moss dot org dot nz for more.

thank you.




Service held at Seventh Day Adventist Church, 58 Palmerston Street, Hamilton, on Friday 24th February at 2.30pm

Social Media. https://www.facebook.com/groups/mossfamilynewzealand/









Here is the earliest recording of my sister Marilyn, circa 1955. “Songs Of Home - 1955 recording from New Zealand Moss Family. Piano, Betty Moss. Violins Brian Moss, Harry Moss, Vince Moss. Vocals, Betty Moss, Brian Moss, Harry Moss, Vince Moss. Spoken. Virginia or Marilyn Moss, Tim or Graeme Moss. Recording by David Moss.”


DOCUMENT written by Paul Moss http://www.paulmoss.co/